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Golden Eagles, alive and healty at Kelly Place, eggs a-plenty!

Golden Eagle Sightings!  Hiker: Marc Yaxley

On a short 1 hour hike today, I caught a quick video of a mom Eaglelaunching right over me. I had stumbled near and below a rock outcrop where she had made her seasonal nest and loaded it with eggs. Being a bed and breakfast at first I thought "how many people can I feed with one of those eggs?", then sanity returned and the lowly chicken eggs will have to suffice.

Here is a snap of that video of her launching from the nest that I visit next:

Looping over my head as I "hung out in the Eagles Nest"
(I limited my visit to 2 to 3 minutes only):

More fairly close (20') shots of her swooping around me as if to say, " better not touch those babies...":

The nest niche they live in, two full size adults were in service as I came up, they both flew off as the above photos show, leaving their Eaglet for me to spy on:

Mom flying over while I looked around, she didn't like my 2nd visit to take reference pictur…

Springtime Springtime 2020 stay at home walk about.

Enjoying a breath of fresh air as we "stay at home"!
I took these today on a lazy hike into our back country, this isabout the natural aged beauty surrounding us.  Some of the woodshots wereonceliving andnow dead wood that still portray certainelements ofbeautyto some eyes, like mine, I am forever fascinated by wood,  it's grains and fibers showing how it lived once and wasstrong.  Now home to various bugs and seeds.

You will see cliff faces and mountains as well as wonderfulstill livingancient juniper and pinion bushes.

I added a few yard shots show our spring 'grass circles' inour yard,hmm,mole tunnels or alien landing sites or maybe deer droppings?: