Thursday, July 25, 2013

What the desert looks like after 2" rain at Kelly Place!

All of the following photos were taken within 2000' of our lodge.
You can spend days roaming the canyons and shooting the very 
bizarre landscapes to be found here.

Cactus Canyon, later that day, more dry and curling up just fine.

Cactus Canyon, many meteor strikes even in this small 12" square area.

Cactus Canyon, could well be the Moons surface.
Well, what's with the potato chip effect? Not without water.

Cactus Canyon, solitary "leg" holding up the rest of the world.

Cactus Canyon, this tree couldn't decide which way to grow,
finally got over it and strengthen up!

Cactus Canyon, cool mini-water slide in the rock.

Cactus Canyon, a nice serene scene with water in it, rare.
I also love the rock textures I find in Cactus Canyon. Can't get enough of them!
Cactus Canyon, we have our own "arches" beginning to form. 
Give it another 2.5M years!

Cactus Canyon, this is the end of the "road" for this old man. 
I know a way to get around this,but the clouds were building, 
lightning and rain beginning. Decided to high tail it out of there!

Cactus Canyon, the "leg" section, pretty amazing to inspect this. 
 The debris is from the July '13 rains.

Cactus Canyon, "sharks teeth" cavity.

More of Cactus Canyon, the "leg" section. 
This goes on for about 100' on the east wall.

Cactus Canyon again, this section has great looking "legs"!

July rains, nice to see Cactus Canyon with water standing around.

Cactus Canyon, strange levels of rock cliffs to behold. This is just a small sample!

This old grand daddy looks dead, look again, there is green up there.
It is not really connected to the ground by much, pretty amazing to see.

Cactus Canyon, the "split", yes it is still standing after that pounding!

Fiber! Loads of fiber!

Some trees have it tough, you could say a tough "century" of living in hard places!

More trees pulled up and pegged against the rock cliff in Cactus Canyon.
Again, the water was that high to put them up there, really!

Could be the Moon's surface, I suppose. 
NOT, well that small 'space buggy' you see in the middle is only found on Earth!

I simply love to take pic's of mud. 
This was placed here grain by grain by torrents of water.

Cactus Canyon where our trail/road crosses from Sue's Kiva to George's Kiva.
Pretty well are not going to drive the Yamaha Rhino through there again!

Cactus Canyon, our trail/road from Sue's to George's Kiva.
Pretty well wiped out I would say. I’m not banging my Kubota
tractor in there to fix this one again!

What can I say, mud again. 
Gotta go back each day, sometimes twice a day to see this stuff "grow"!

Here it is about one day after the storm. 
Chips are going like mad, then back to being sand.

Here I go again Nancy. Mud, mud and shiny mud! 
This stuff lasted a couple of hours beforebecoming potato chips in the sun. 
Love that color, kind of looks like pig's ears or skin?

Some how I just like the look of wet mud after a big rain!

During the down pour. Kept up like this for about 45 minutes. Dumped about 2.5" total.

Shot from protection by porch. Looking down those steps at our back, really, 
there is a 40' cliff just about 30' from this water, so much it still built up before 
going over the edge. (About 2" deep here.)

Pour over in camp ground, pretty much over with in this photo!
No way am I taking my Nikon out it a downpour to get you pics!

Camp ground tent site at pour over. Buried the metal legs, about 4" 
of sand and rocks. Glad there weren't any campers, the night before 
two ladies had a tent right next to the BBQ you see on the left.

Main water fall is all cleaned up now!

Pinion tree uprooted and tossed about like a toy.

Trees shoved into the V of two trees right in front of the main lodge building.
They didn't jump up there, the water was really that high for about an hour.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tigger tries to fly!

Tigger was watching TV and  and wanted to try "flying" like the airplane he saw, he got in the position of a plane but found it hard to "take off".... the little tike did get himself into a very aerodynamic pose getting ready to part the air as he flew, however he failed to notice he needs a propeller!
Looks like two wings, a tail and navigation portals looking right at you!

 All laid out, so relaxed!