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What the desert looks like after 2" rain at Kelly Place!

All of the following photos were taken within 2000' of our lodge. You can spend days roaming the canyons and shooting the very  bizarre landscapes to be found here.

Cactus Canyon, later that day, more dry and curling up just fine.
Cactus Canyon, many meteor strikes even in this small 12" square area.
Cactus Canyon, could well be the Moons surface.
Well, what's with the potato chip effect? Not without water.
Cactus Canyon, solitary "leg" holding up the rest of the world.

Cactus Canyon, this tree couldn't decide which way to grow,
finally got over it and strengthen up!

Cactus Canyon, cool mini-water slide in the rock.

Cactus Canyon, a nice serene scene with water in it, rare. I also love the rock textures I find in Cactus Canyon. Can't get enough of them! Cactus Canyon, we have our own "arches" beginning to form. 
Give it another 2.5M years!

Tigger tries to fly!

Tigger was watching TV and  and wanted to try "flying" like the airplane he saw, he got in the position of a plane but found it hard to "take off".... the little tike did get himself into a very aerodynamic pose getting ready to part the air as he flew, however he failed to notice he needs a propeller!